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16 weeks – woo hoo!


Wow 16 weeks! It is now almost double what Hope made it to. Although we lost her at 10.5 weeks, she had started to pass away right after our 8 week scan. So here we are.

We finally got to see our obstetrician for our first official appointment at exactly 16 weeks. Tonight I get to drop off one of my progesterone pessaries, bringing me down to just two per day. Have a few blood tests to do and a scan at 19 weeks. And yay, we get to go back to our clinic for this one and see our favourite sonographer. We could get it done locally if we wanted, but we trust her and know that she cares so much for each of her patients, that she is worth the travel into the city to get this one done right and well. Like I said, we trust her, and that is important to us with who does the scanning during this pregnancy.


Waiting to see the obstetrician.

Pregnancy does the strangest things to our bodies! For the first time in my life – I have eyebrows! I’ve always had blonde hair, which meant that my eyebrows were so non-existent visually, clear blonde. Well now they are so nice and dark. Woo hoo! And of course there is the growing belly and bra sizes. I know many people feel uncomfortable in their growing bellies, and there are times that it is physically uncomfortable but I do love the growing belly. I’m so proud of it and can’t wait to show it off – we have worked hard for this! First time in my life I have been able to put on weight above 50kgs too! It’s exciting!

We went to the Baby expo in Sydney on the weekend. We went last year in May and loved it. So many fun things to look at – so many gimmicks that are probably the biggest waste of money, so many things to encourage lazy parenting! But also so many great inventions. It would be easy to go to one of these things and get caught up in it all and buy so much stuff that you really don’t need. But if you remind yourself what you want and need, you can stick to your values or whatever you think is important. Simplistic is what we are aiming for – not judging anyone who aims for other things, we just really want simple and uncomplicated. We don’t need the gadgets that rock your child to sleep for you. I’m sure there will be times that we wish we had one of those! Haha! But we don’t need them or want them.

The best stall that we visited was one called Still Aware. This stall was about bringing awareness to stillborn deaths each year. Did you know that every 4 hours a baby is born without breath in Australia? 4 hours! 2500 babies are born sleeping in Australia every year. Many of these deaths are preventable with the right knowledge. Many are sadly not preventable, but isn’t it truly devastating that even one baby could die from something that could be prevented??

Anyway, the lady, Claire, at this stand had a great chat to Scott and to me. We learned so much from her about what to look for and how to know if something is wrong. She said to listen to yourself, don’t wait until the next day or a few hours; that could be too late. What I learned was to monitor the baby’s movements. When is the baby most active? Monitor that. If anything changes, if the baby slows down in movements or if they become a frenzy, go to the hospital! And at the hospital they should monitor the baby by way of sticking things on your belly that measure the movements and doing an ultrasound. She also mentioned that an increase in movements (a dramatic one) can be the baby’s last lifeline reach out to you, to tell you that something is wrong. That often mothers report lots of movement before nothing. That horrible nothing.

So if I can share one incredible organisation with you, it would be Still Aware. They have much better information available than what I can correctly communicate. I learned so much, from one very brave and strong mother who is using the sad passing of her gorgeous baby to help others not have to go through that same anguish that her family went through.

There were so many other stands that I also enjoyed going to. The main thing we went there to purchase was a Charlie Chair. Look them up on Facebook or on YouTube if you want to know more. We saw them at the expo last year and loved the design and concept. Scott and I both agreed that should we ever have a baby, this was one item that we would warrant spending money on – we can see us using it a lot. So this was the stand we made a B-line for as soon as we got to the expo.

The rest of the day was just fun to walk around and see what’s out there. Like, did you know that there is a company making nice, warm tops and jackets where you can add a zipped bit of material and then you can have your baby underneath the jacket with you? How cool (or rather warm) is that?! I know not a need, so we didn’t buy, but I thought that was super great. From someone who feels the cold terribly that, would have been a luxury buy if I was going to have one.


Very true!

The crowds were crazy and people with prams should probably do a pram driving course for awareness. And also a course about how to park or pull over without causing mayhem. We were very much ready to head home after a few hours navigating our way through prams with unlicensed drivers behind them. But not before a small but yummy luxury item was purchased – non-alcoholic wine! Who knew of such a thing?! And best of all it tastes like the real thing. Even after pregnancy, I think this might become my drink of choice! The incredible taste of a chilled glass of wine, without any alcohol! Loving that whole idea! But when I do crack open a bottle, I wonder if I will feel a bit naughty drinking it?!


Heading home after the expo – love the expressions on both of our faces. 🙂 Haha

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17-18 weeks

17 weeks:

We have made it to 17 weeks! Woo hoo! And this week marks the next dose dropping of the progesterone. So now I am down to one per day. It is scary! All of these medications that have gotten us as far as what we are, to now slowing saying goodbye to one at a time, it is scary! It’s that security blanket that I don’t feel ready to let go of… but we are slowly saying our goodbyes… and as we do my body is changing more. It’s hard to know what is from the pregnancy and what is from the changing medications. One thing is the big tummy bloat is starting to go down a tiny bit.

What many people wouldn’t know is that before I even found out that I was pregnant (actually well before I was actually pregnant) – well, I certainly looked pregnant due to the progesterone bloat.

Progesterone bloat – probably one week after transfer.

Progesterone is a dear friend of IVFers, but it is also one of our enemies. It causes us to wake up and not be able to sleep for hours in the middle of the night. I used to wake up at 3am every night and then I would not be able to fall back asleep. Surviving on such a few hours sleep. Yes, I know motherhood will do this to you too, but this is a side effect of progesterone without the joy of the baby…. Yet! 🙂 Progesterone can give you headaches, migraines, pimples, make you irritable, give you night sweats, stomach upsets, changes in appetite, weight gain, fluid retention, fatigue (oh yes, major fatigue), drowsiness, insomnia, skin rashes, hives, enlarged or discomfort in the breasts, PMS like symptoms and a few others. So as you can see, it is the type of thing that many of us don’t want to be on, however, it is also a key ingredient in helping the embryo attach and grow in the first trimester and well into the second – drop the support too early and the body may not have enough to make it a viable pregnancy. Some bodies make enough progesterone, and those people don’t need the extra support, but many bodies don’t make enough and the extra support is needed, along with the side effects. Not enough progesterone and many ladies will continue to miscarry in very early pregnancy, soon after that confirmed pregnancy test.

One pessary a day! So this week it has been nice to drop down yet another pessary (I was on three per day, and I know many ladies who have been on 6-8 per day), but it is still scary. I will be on one per day until my last box runs out.

I am also down to 15mg of prednisone per day. I have been able to drop off 5mg per day. This is exciting but also scary as this has been helping my body accept little Ivy rather than rejecting the growing baby and ending in a miscarriage. So whilst I am happy to say goodbye to my dear friend prednisone, it is also a tad bit scary.

Prednisone also has some horrible side effects which I will be very happy to say goodbye to. Some of the side effects of prednisone are agitation, blurred vision (oh yes! This has been frustrating), dizziness, fast and irregular heartbeat,  headaches, irritability, mood changes, nervousness/anxiety, pounding in the ears (yes, this sucks), shortness of breath, trouble thinking/speaking, weight gain, excessive appetite – unable to fill the immense hunger, acne, weight gain, redness in the face (the ‘pregnancy glow’ started well before there was a transfer of an embryo), adrenal suppression,  impairment of cell-mediated immunity with increased susceptibility to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections (yep I have caught a few of these over the last 17 weeks).

The good news is that I am decreasing my dose now (weaning off is important with steroids). In one week’s time I can drop down to 10mg per day and I am hoping that means after that down to 5mg and then hopefully none. The other good news in dropping doses is that I found an article that said “patients treated with an average of 10mg per day over several months developed 50% fewer infections compared to those treated with an average of 20mg per day.” So hopefully I will start getting fewer infections (it is winter time here so all around me people are sick).

And of course, my other dear friend Clexane, who has to be cruel to be kind (she stings a LOT) is still on board. It is always weird having an injection in the car when we are out – I feel so strange having Scott stick a needle in my leg when out and about but hey, if it works then we will continue. And so far it is working. Working so much so that I am starting to get almost daily nose bleeds. The type that just pour. Right before we are leaving to go somewhere, and then of course, we are incredibly late. But that’s okay, it is all part of it and I am thankful for them because it means that something is working!

Bruises from Clexane on my leg.

And another good thing, the intralipids have been moved by one week, making it four weeks between instead of three weeks. It does get hard having two weeks available for every three weeks. Now we will have three weekends available for every four. And I can hopefully avoid the scary man and get the nice man doing the injecting at the hospital. So next weekend I am back in the hospital.

This weekend Scott and his brothers have helped to move some furniture around the place so that we can start to paint a room for a baby to be welcomed to. Are we going to make it all nursery like? Nope. We just want a nice room for our child, one where they can be comfortable and warm. They don’t need fancy wallpaper or dangling things. While all of those things a lovely and nice if you like that sort of thing, we want to raise our child with a simple, but warm home. One where they feel loved and absolutely cherished and we don’t feel we need to do that by making a flashy and decked out nursery for them. So the boys have been moving things around to make room.

This weekend also officially marks the end of fitting my clothes. Goodbye size 6’s and size 8’s, we can no longer be friends for a few months. I have finally graduated to maternity gear and size 10’s, 12’s and maybe even some 14’s. It’s pretty exciting! I even graduated bra sizes! Welcome to pregnancy! And I love it! I did one of those online BMI calculators this week too. Guess what?! For the first time in my entire life, I finally fall into the ‘healthy weight’ range. I’ve never ever been in this range, despite trying my best to put on weight and keep it on. I’ve always been in the ‘underweight’ range. So whilst I know weight can be a sensitive issue because for those who fall into the overweight range, I know that your struggles are very difficult to lose the weight, yet for those of us in the chronically underweight range, we also struggle to put on the weight – and that usually means that our bodies are not absorbing the nutrients that we need to from the food. Plus we usually get grilled by doctors all of the time about what we are eating and they always question us about eating disorders and try to interrogate us about this area – I can guarantee you that I do eat enough. I eat more than Scott, and anyone else I know. I have just never been able to successfully put on weight and keep it on. And the comments about being thin all of my life, well, they haven’t been fun either. But we learn to smile and pretend that it doesn’t bother us, when really it does. I would never discuss someone’s overweight issues (unless they asked me to) but somehow society seems to think that talking about or commenting on someone who is underweight is okay.

Anyway, finally, it has only taken pregnancy to finally, at long last reach that ‘healthy weight’ category! YAY! Unfortunately the calculator doesn’t ask if pregnant, so shhhhhhhh don’t tell it! Let me just be happy with the weight gain, okay? 🙂


Growing belly

Oh and another thing on the growing belly. Maybe it is just because I am still early into this pregnancy, or maybe it is because I feel overwhelmed with absolute gratitude to God for allowing us this blessing of growing a life in my belly, but I love that people have this need to touch it! I have always heard people complain about touching bellies and I can’t say that I have ever reached out and touched another women’s belly. I have felt my best friend’s belly when she grabbed my hand and let me feel her babies kick. That was incredible! And I had the same when my sister was pregnant and one other friend who was staying with us years ago while expecting their first born. But that’s it. Three bellies that I have touched, all with their instigation. I’ve never asked and don’t think I would reach out and touch someone else. It’s just not me. As much as I love hugs, I also don’t. I don’t really like touching others so I don’t and I usually don’t like being touched.

I thought it would be weird for people to touch my belly if I were ever to become pregnant. Well, now I am pregnant and so many friends have touched my belly. And you know what, I just think that this precious life growing inside of me is incredible. I think that people wanting to literally reach out and touch him shows just how amazing this whole journey is and that they care. To have something to touch. I am so truly humbled that we have been allowed this absolute privilege, I am just as thankful that others can stop in their busy days and pay attention to our little boy. So it doesn’t bother me. I think it is sweet, and I think it is great to have something to want to hold. Whenever children are around, I will look up only to feel something touching my belly and when I look down there is a child rubbing or kissing my belly! My niece is like this. She gravitates to my belly and I think it is the greatest thing, that even before her cousin has come into this world outside of my body, that she is already connecting with him inside of my body. Isn’t life just the greatest gift? It really brings me to tears of such thankfulness.

So if you want to touch my belly, if you want to hold our son because you love him while he is growing inside this belly, I say go for it – just don’t get all weird on me okay? Because that could be awkward. This world could always use more love. I hope that I don’t change as the pregnancy progresses but I think that it is a beautiful thing and why not share it?

Our next steps, are to get through each day and each week to our 19 week scan, and then each day and each week until the ‘safer’ zone of around 26 weeks. And even better once he is born, healthy, so I can stop checking the toilet paper for blood each visit – yes, this is the reality of pregnancy after losses. Each day closer is such a gift!

And while we are talking about gifts. May is almost over. We were due on the 3rd of May with Hope. Her due date came and went. No, we didn’t celebrate or do anything. I guess it is still a bit sad but at the same time we don’t want to do something to remember each of our babies lost each year. I know that we could, but we don’t want to live in the past. My Oupa always used to say, “come visit me while I am alive, don’t come to my funeral, I would rather see you while I am still here.” And that is the take that we have with life itself. It doesn’t mean that we don’t still love or miss those who have passed away. But we don’t want to live in the past. We don’t want to live in the sadness where we could unpack and live there missing and grieving the person who has passed on. No, we want to live looking to the future with our joy in the present. So while we were a bit sad that she wasn’t coming to live with us on earth, we are thankful that we got to carry her and find out why she passed. We are thankful that it brought us closer together as a couple, as families, as friends and as communities. That her passing forced us to open up and perhaps, have helped pave some of the way for others to open up. We chose to be thankful, rather than to live in the past. And we are so thankful that on her due date we have her brother in my tummy, growing strong. We are so thankful for each and every one of those special babies from the Due in May group that have been born in or around May. It has been so great seeing some of the private messages with photos of the babies that have been born. What a truly blessed month May has been! Congratulations to all of those strong mothers (and partners) who endured the roller coaster of IVF (some many times over) and all of the heartache etc. Each and every one of your tears has been worth it.

Oh and I almost forgot one very exciting and important thing! Flutters – I have been feeling these since about 13 weeks. They have been getting stronger and stronger since. Well yesterday, Saturday the 28th of May, while we were lying in bed listening to the wind outside on a cold wintery style day, Scott reached over to hold my belly and say good morning. And then our son gave him a kick or a high five. I wish I could have captured Scott’s face! His first real feeling of the movements. I’d been trying to catch Scott for a while to do this but as soon as I get his hand on my belly there’s nothing. Or there’s something as soon as his hand goes away. So anyway, yesterday Scott got his first high five from his son! Pretty amazing!



17 weeks pregnant – love these celebrations each week!

18 Weeks:

I write this from my hospital bed, having another intralipid done. Today the guy (yet another one now) was able to get the drip into my wrist… I’m currently trying not to make eye contact with my wrist as I type, we can’t be friends right now – the drip is still scary. So my hand needs to stay still for now, just the fingers can move to type… haha – yes I am a sook with needles still! Another reason I am hoping for a natural birth – I don’t want needles in my back or hands or anywhere!!! 🙂

Okay that didn’t last long – back to typing one handed, it was hurting too much to use the other hand and now it is really hurting.

Scott and me waiting for the drip to go in. 🙂Scott had to take a photo because I was using my belly as a table for my dip. So 18 weeks means that I can now use my belly to hold stuff…

Well not much is different to 17 weeks, except that our little boy has become very active. It’s cool feeling him moving around. And of course the belly is growing. Up another kilo this week – woo hoo! Although at this rate I will be double my size by the end. 🙂

Another thing that happened this week is I pulled a muscle in my right leg. Well, that’s what I thought I had done. After explaining why I was walking so funny to other ladies with children, it’s been suggested that maybe I have Sciatica – where the baby’s position is pressing on nerves in my back. So I will see my amazing Osteopath when I can to get some relief from the pain… it literally takes my breath away. It is really is fascinating what pregnancy does to the body – and I appreciate everything, even the pains!

I also found out last night that I have some super rare mild infection (so rare the doctor called me in urgently and he said he’s actually never seen it in a patient before). So I am on antibiotics to treat this so that it doesn’t harm our boy. I will have to be monitored throughout the pregnancy to make sure that it clears up and doesn’t return because apparently it can kill a baby…. yet I had no physical symptoms – and don’t worry, it’s not contagious to others in contact with me. This makes me think though, about when people, with the best of intentions, want to see a new born baby. I have always preferred to wait 6 weeks or so to see a baby, because sometimes we carry around diseases and infections with us, yet we don’t show any symptoms, and many of these could harm or kill a baby. It’s probably best to wait at least 6 weeks to see a baby to be safe, if you aren’t the immediate family. Plus I have also always thought that the first few weeks should be special family bonding time anyway.

Oh, last weekend was officially a new chapter in this pregnancy… I am now on to maternity clothing…. my regular cloths don’t fit! Woo hoo! So exciting! Weight/belly growing gain is awesome!

Yep, this other hand really hurts now… shooting pain and numbness… oh the joys! On an up note, there are eleven of us in the hospital today getting this done.  I just met a lovely lady who is also in here hoping this works for her. I just realised, that my first room mate in here was 17 weeks with twins when I met her… She is due in July… so any day now really (twins do tend to come earlier than single babies). I’m so excited for her. I remember looking at her and thinking that soon that would be us… and now it is! We are a week further than what she was back then. I’m so thankful for these treatments…. minus the hand/wrist pain.

Here’s a photo of our hospital party. The girls I met that day were such incredible and strong ladies. (The faces that are showing are the ones I have permission from to post here. I like to have permission before sharing photos, unless you’re family – kinda comes with the role as family haha.) I love this photo because it shows that even when we feel like our journey is, at times isolating and that others may not understand – well this picture shows that there are always others that do. So no matter what you may be going through, know that you’re not alone. Sometimes we just need to find those who are on the same road. I’ve been so lucky to find these types of people through social media.


I also had a special visit again from my parents. Was nice to see them and hang out in hospital again, as you do. 🙂 To think, that in about 20-23 weeks we will be here with a little boy being born and taking his first breaths in this world… pretty amazing.

Our little man is starting to begin to hear now. He hears our prayers for him. How special is that?! Before he is born, he can hear us praying for him, for his health, his future, his purpose, and that we can guide him in the ways best for him. And one day when he reads these blogs, well, he will know how truly special, wanted and loved he was while he was still a growing blob and then baby in my tummy. Kinda reminds me of this verse:

Jeremiah 1.5

How cool is that? This verse has always been cool, and a nice idea, but to be walking this journey, to really know the meaning of before being formed in my womb… Like, when he was a follicle growing and being measured, when he was selected from all of the swimmers to be the one to make friends with an egg, when he was a blob on a TV screen before a transfer, when he was a microscopic sac, before when he was a tiny blob with a heart beat…. way back then, before, he was set apart to be in our family and in our lives… and he was already loved back then. Certainly gives new understanding to this verse. 🙂

Here we are (our growing boy and my body) at 18 weeks:


Thank you all again so much for your prayers and thoughts. I can’t say enough how much it means to us and how grateful we are for the support. Thank you xxx




12 weeks to 15 weeks

So much happens in a month, especially when your body is growing a baby! So our last post was our 12 week scan. We were given a quick run-down of results over the phone but we had to go see our fertility specialist (fs) at the clinic for some results and our obstetrician for the rest. It was lovely to see our fs one last time at 13 weeks. We thanked her for all that she has done and told her just how truly grateful we are for all of her years of study and hard work to help people like us. We exchanged hugs and got to go in and thank the nurses, too. We promised to return when we have our baby to show them what they helped to create. It was a sad yet very happy visit – sad because we are saying goodbye (until next time) to people who have become like family but happy because this means that the work that they have done for us has worked… and we will be having our own little family!


Our next visit was our obstetrician a week later… It was a Thursday visit for 5.50pm. Unfortunately I had a terrible migraine that day so desperately wanted to head straight home after work but instead had to travel out to meet Scott and then head to our appointment – which I had been very excited for so that we could have another little scan and find out the results of the Harmony test. We rocked up to an empty clinic with no one in sight. No phones answered… where was everyone? With  my head pounding we searched through our messages to each other from a month prior to find out if maybe we had the wrong time or date…. Finally we found the messages… yes, our appointment had been at 5.50pm on the Wednesday the day before…. Nooooooooo. And our obstetrician is so hard to get in to see because he is also a reproductive immunologist and gynaecologist so he is incredibly high in demand. Scott and I hopped into our cars feeling a little deflated and travelled home.

Thankfully I had another intralipid that Saturday so I could at least see him then.

Good news with the intralipid – this time, for the first time, I didn’t have my good old friend that seems to be great at hurting me with the needles. There was another guy! And do you know what?! He was brilliant! Barely felt a thing! I could have hugged and kissed the man on the cheek if it wouldn’t have been so weird! I felt like asking for his number so I could beg him to come in next time I am in hospital! 🙂 He is in the right job! I really hope that I get him next time. Scott and I were both so happy to finally have a good experience with the needle going in!

Photos: In the hospital – Scott having a nap, drip in, me trying to do some work, and my parents visiting me.

The intralipid went well and that night I got to have a sleep over at my parents so that we could have a surprise family get together for Mother’s Day the  following Sunday. It also saved Scott a big trip in to pick me up and saved us getting home at 2am – my parents live much closer to the hospital than we do. Plus it was nice to see my parents. They always visit me when I go in to the hospital – they visit me on their way home. I look forward to their visits. Makes the time go a bit quicker and not feel so boring. 🙂 And you guessed it – the hospital food was exactly the same. I am beginning to understand why most people hate hospital food – as a once off it is so yummy and a bit of a novelty, but when it is the same thing each time it does get a bit boring.

My specialist gave me a blood test form to have done on Monday and said to rebook in to see him the following week. And thankfully they made room for us to be squeezed in for a 5.50pm appointment on the Wednesday, two weeks from our original one. This time we wouldn’t get the times and dates mixed up. No baby brain here……….. No, not at all….

My parents picked me up at about 11.30pm. We went home to have vegemite and carrot on toast as our midnight snack/dinner with some tea. Yummy – though we were all so tired it was time for bed soon after – I had a big day ahead in the morning…. And some surprises for my family.

Scott was up early to travel out and meet me at my parent’s house – we were cooking a Mother’s Day breakfast for my mum, but we had also invited my sisters and their families over to surprise mum. Breakfast was cooking and the families arrived. We had a great get together….

And then it was time for Scott and me to give my mum a present and to reveal a surprise to my family – the gender of our baby. 🙂 We had found a local who makes vegan cupcakes (sorry Dad – we didn’t tell you they were vegan, but you liked them so we know they were yummy!). I had asked the lady to make them chocolate on top and then make the colour inside the colour of the gender. I know it is a stereotype colour but it was how we wanted to reveal it to my family for some fun. Because let’s face it, as much as we have smiled and powered on through the whole journey, and especially through the IVF parts – it’s not actually fun. None of it has been fun, but we have done our best to make the most of it all. So it was time to have some fun! 🙂

Photos: Mother’s Day with Jen’s family.

Hopefully this video works:

 So although we hadn’t yet met with our obstetrician, or had the complete results given to us so far, via phone we were told that: thankfully all showed that there is a very low risk of any chromosome issues. Praise God! That means that our baby *should* be healthy and growing well.



It was a fun Mother’s Day this year for us. Previous years have been bitter sweet – sweet because we both love and appreciate our Mums. Bitter because of all the babies lost, and knowing that we might never get that opportunity. This year, we feel the closest we have felt to getting to motherhood. However, I still remember all of those who are also still waiting, or those who have lost their mothers. One post online said this (shared with permission):

“Tomorrow is a hard day. We have all been there or are still there. The day we celebrate our own Mothers and yet desperately want to be celebrated as one ourselves soon. I would like to remind you that you are already Great Mothers. Your little bundle may not yet be in this world, but as fate would have it we are all fighters. We are/have fought so hard for our yet to be born child. We have put ourselves through so much more than most could ever dream of doing. We have pushed ourselves to the limit mentally and physically. We have felt defeated and crushed. But then out of somewhere we find the strength to try and find our bubba once more. Stay strong. Stay positive. You are all already Mothers who care more than anyone could imagine about your unborn child. Soon enough you will win your battle and your love will continue to grow more fierce when your bubba is in your arms. So celebrate tomorrow. Don’t be sad. Be proud of what you have already done for your unborn child. No child could be more loved than one that has been fought for. Happy Mother’s Day to be my friends. Xxx”

So for us, this year has been one of our favourites and we had some fun, yet I still remember everyone who struggles on this day. And I thank all mothers for their sacrifices, their heartaches and their love. Mothers are incredible beings. Thank you all! (Mothers of children on earth, mothers to angels in heaven, mothers to fur-kids, mothers who are yet to be, all mothers, step-mothers, foster-mothers etc).

Now you know our surprise! 🙂 Our baby is a boy! 🙂 I knew it, didn’t I?! So now the hard task – to think of a name! Boys names are the hardest for us. Literally every name we can think of is either a relative or we don’t like the name for our kid. So maybe he will be nameless for a while… I hope not!

We thought that we would never get to do our social experiment either. We had wanted to not tell anyone when we were pregnant (this was before all of the issues, so way back around 7-8 years ago). The reason was we wanted to do a social experiment – to see how long and at what point people would ask if I was pregnant. And of course with this round we told you all from the moment we found out. But there were some members of the public (not sure how else to describe them, people I am in contact with but I don’t work with them, they aren’t friends and family, really, so members of the public is probably the best way to put it) who I had not told. Anyway, the answer to my question of when would people ask…. The answer is exactly 13 weeks and 6 days…. That’s when I had 3 different people ask if I was pregnant. I do think that I am showing early though due to my smaller physique – it’s harder to hide, even with flowy tops. And since then there have been many others who have asked!

Once again, thank you so very much for all of your prayers. I can guarantee you each and every one has been heard and is being answered. Thank you! Means the world to us!

I tried to upload a short video that I made but the site won’t allow it unless I upgrade my subscription. So I will instead try and post it on our Facebook page. So check it out there when it is uploaded. 🙂

Ironically, this page will allow a slideshow with some photos so here is our weekly progression to week 15. Enjoy 🙂

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