waiting for a miracle

27 weeks to 30 weeks

27 weeks

Well that kind of snuck up on us! We were so excited to reach 27 weeks, as we are with each new week, and then I get a notification on my phone from a pregnancy app that I have. It says something about congratulations on reaching the third trimester. Huh?! I messaged Scott and we both had a bit of a ‘how did that happen’ moment!

So we are here, the third trimester! I can’t believe it! And our baby is at a much safer stage. It feels a lot nicer – like we can begin to relax a little… well once I get down and relax I can’t get back up again anyway haha!

I haven’t gotten that burst of energy yet that everyone talks about… bring it on! I have still got the nose bleeds though. Not to worry, I’d rather a bleed from a nose than a bleed from down there!

I am feeling a lot bigger now and struggling to fit any clothes. If I could stay home all day that wouldn’t be a problem – I could live in my pyjamas! But we can’t wear that to work can we?

Next up for us is the glucose test this weekend. Looking forward to that…. Haha.

So here we are, in the middle of the glucose test. I had a blood test before it started and then had to drink a very sugary (glucose) drink. At first it wasn’t so bad, except that it is weird to drink so much sugar before having any breakfast. But as I sit here and wait out the hour until the next blood test (and next drink), I am starting to feel sicker and sicker. Yuk. And if I vomit then we have to cancel this test and come back again. So I am telling my brain not to vomit!


3rd Trimester!

I’ve had a very bad ulcerative colitis flare up this week. Scott got me booked in to see my GP who was very concerned and managed to get me in to see a specialist the very next morning, The specialist wanted to put me straight back on to the prednisone. Nooooooooooooooo! I begged him to instead put me on the Salofolk because it has always worked for me in the past. We came to a deal, I would use the prednisone for 3 days on a high dose and stop to get the flare under control straight away and then I could stay on the Salofolk. There was a BUT thought. But, if it didn’t clear up then he would be putting me back on the prednisone ongoing.

Good news is that the quick hit of prednisone and then the Salofolk kicked this ulcerative colitis in the butt! Yes pun intended there! It quickly got under control.

28 weeks

My clothes keep shrinking! I’m running out of things that fit me, especially for work. At home I live in my pyjama pants because they are the most comfortable things at the moment – and warm.

During week 28 I was attending a sport day, and the weather was set to reach 24 degrees Celsius with plenty of sun. This was a great thing except for one thing… I don’t have any summer weather clothes that fit me.

So the afternoon before the sport day I was literally on the phone to Scott asking him to go via target and pick me up any pair of shorts that would fit me. Men’s, ladies, maternity – whatever! Just something that I can wear on a hot day. As I was on the phone to him I was opening up a surprise parcel from a beautiful person that I know through our last pregnancy Facebook group – the due in May one. I’ve kept in touch with a few of the ladies and she is one of them. Anyway, I was opening up this parcel and you’ll never believe what was in it – a pair of shorts!!!!! I was over the moon and told Scott to skip target and just come home because I now have a pair of shorts to wear! She also gave me some beautiful summer tops and a very comfortable summer dress. By the weekend I had already worn everything she had sent me! Such a life saver and I am so truly thankful, especially in the timing. I couldn’t believe that as I was desperately needing something it arrived at the exact time. Had it come a day later it would still have been very much appreciated but I would have missed the opportunity to wear the items to the sporting day. So if you are reading this, thank you so very much, Natalie! You are amazing! And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! And the baby clothes are absolutely adorable too! Thank you so so much!

Well as easily as we crossed the line into the third trimester, so did this little scare come on. On Wednesday night I noticed that my left foot/ankle had swollen up huge. My right was pretty normal for pregnancy – some swelling but not huge. My left leg also had some tingling. I decided to go to bed so that I could ice my foot and elevate it. This didn’t really help all that much.


Swollen foot/ankle.

On Thursday my ankles were still swollen but looked much more similar in size. The left was still a little bit bigger though so that night we called the after-hours nurse hotline to see if we needed to be concerned or if we just keep resting it because some other mums had told me that this could be preeclampsia and to get checked out.

So the lay on the nurse hotline told us to go straight to the emergency department after we answered a few of her questions. Great…. I hate hospitals. Sorry if you work in one… I don’t hate you, just the whole going to the hospital emergency. I avoid it at all costs… I’ve only had losses of babies after attending hospitals while pregnant and also last pregnancy when I couldn’t breathe they failed to check me seriously and I had whooping cough. That ended up with broken ribs from coughing so much and I am sure I spread it around without realising it because I was only checked by my GP days later and then treated for whooping cough. (Before you get annoyed at me – I have been vaccinated against whooping cough 3 times, and I have had it 4 times and none of my blood work shows me ever having had either… this is why herd immunity is so important for people like me with a low immunity to things, we catch anything and everything even after immunisations.)

So after we were told to go to the emergency department I had a little cry. I was terrified of going there. Of being around other illnesses and potentially catching something and passing it on to our baby or having complications. Of attending a place of doom for us previously. I begged Scott to just not take me and we could book me in to see the GP in the morning. But given that I had also had reduced foetal movement, Scott convinced me that we should follow the advice of the nurse and go to the hospital (a 35-40 min drive away).

Reluctantly I went to the hospital in the freezing cold of the night. We were seen in triage after about 25 minutes of waiting. They told us to take a seat and we would be called soon. They also gave me a urine sample container to give them a sample in to test for protein. I did that straight away. 2 hours later we still hadn’t been seen by a doctor and that urine sample – it was still sitting on the desk where they had said they will test it shortly. We waited and waited. And then we waited some more. And as the coughs and vomits around us were flowing, we waited some more. The waiting area was full – we had to stand for about an hour before we got a seat for the second hour. Not so great for a pregnant person who is having some issues that has brought them to emergency.

So then after 2 and a half hours of waiting Scott went to the desk to ask what was going on and how long until we would be seen – I was fading quickly. Why hadn’t they monitored the baby for the reduced movements yet? Thanks to Still Aware I know that this is something that is protocol for hospitals – so never let it not happen if you or someone you know have reduced movements in pregnancy. They said that they had been too busy to check the urine – well they had been having conversations and chilling out behind the counter – we had been watching them as we sat right in front. I know places can get busy but this was just a poor excuse. They admitted that they had forgotten to check the urine.

I ended up saying that we weren’t waiting any longer and I would rather go home to rest in my own bed. The nurse said to wait because they suspect a blood clot in my leg. Scott asked if there was anything they could do for that. They said yes, an ultrasound, but they couldn’t do it there because there was no one to work the equipment and I would be given a referral. So what were we waiting all those hours for????? I don’t like to complain but this was just ridiculous. I also asked why I hadn’t been sent up to the maternity ward yet – and the response was “because this isn’t a pregnancy related issue.” I couldn’t help but blurt out, “are you kidding me? I’m 28 weeks pregnant and I have reduced foetal movement, of course this is a pregnancy related issue!” (I then felt a little embarrassed for not holding back my words! I think I was way too tired, too over it and also worried about the boy.) So all of a sudden they sent us up to the maternity ward for monitoring. This took another hour or so to do and they actually tested the urine for protein. No preeclampsia. Woo hoo. And after a bit of poking and prodding our little man woke up and started to move a bit. Thankfully the monitoring showed that he was fine.

By the time we finally left the hospital, it was about 20 minutes before 4am. We got home a bit after 4am which meant getting up for work in about and hour and a half… needless to say that wasn’t the brightest thing to do so I had the day at home to sleep and rest.

We have since found out that if anything like this happens again, we can go straight to the private hospital (over an hour away but it is where our obstetrician works out of) to be seen immediately. That would have been far quicker! I hope there isn’t a next time but good to know this.

29 weeks

Last week in the twenties. Each week is just such an incredible blessing. We just can’t believe that we have made each week. This week has brought on pain. Lots of pain! Sciatica type pain, but this time in my left leg and lower back. Shooting pain every time I move. Am I complaining? No way! This is just too great of a blessing to complain. The pain is just a reminder of the most amazing miracle that is growing inside my belly.


Dog cuddles!

I went to see my Osteopath this week and he gave me some relief. The pain is still there and shooting but I think it will start to get better now. It just means that I am walking like I need a walking frame. And you should see me at night! What a hoot! I can barely get out of bed and get to the loo. I have to laugh at myself or I think I would cry! So I laugh! I feel my way along the wall and brace myself on the edge of the bed, hold on to the door frame, learn forwards to brace myself on the basin and then flop on the loo. And to get out of bed – I get Scott to push me out. Haha.


My growing bump with Sophie in the background. 🙂

I also saw my obstetrician this week and he wrote me a referral for an ultrasound on my leg to check out a blood clot, now to find time to do this… And the results were in from the glucose test – no gestational diabetes. Yay!

And I also had an appointment with my GP doctor this week too. My weight is the same that it was two weeks ago at 61.1kg. So for this pregnancy so far my weight gain has been 11.9kg. She was pretty happy with my weight so I am not worried. Considering I am meant to put on around 14kgs it seems like I am on track. I also had my whooping cough vaccine this week. I’m glad I had it done now in case he does come early.


Growing belly!

We attended a breastfeeding class held by the Association of Breastfeeding Australia. It was brilliant. I had been so worried about how to actually breastfeed but now I feel pretty confident about the mechanics of it all and how to do it. Now I will just have to hope and pray that our baby attaches well and that I produce enough milk, and an abundance of it. So much cheaper to breastfeed rather than buying formula but I will do my best! It was so great to have Scott there, too. I’m so blessed to have such a supportive husband that is involved in all of this. Having a supportive husband/partner is one key ingredient to reducing stress.

So last week in the 20’s. Still can’t believe it. It’s incredible. It really is!

30 weeks

We have now crossed the line into the 30’s. Can you believe it?! I actually can’t. I still catch myself getting surprised by my belly! It’s just something we never thought would actually happen. We had actually lost hope around the time of Hope’s passing. It seemed like this would never happen for us and we were accepting that. It’s just such a blessing and a miracle that this is actually happening. And the pain I have from the sciatica is a great reminder that I am not dreaming, this is real.

Odd pregnancy symptom this week has been an insanely itchy belly just at the top in the middle but a little to the right. And it is so weird because when I scratch it, it’s numb, I can’t feel it. So weird. And another thing, my very sensitive teeth that I had for ages have gone away. I can eat cold stuff again without immense pain. For those of you with sensitive teeth, I now get it and I feel so sorry for you! It really is painful!

The clexane seems to be working so well that I don’t remember the last time I got through a day without a nose bleed, until a Sunday during week 30. Woo ho! One whole day with no nose bleeds! Which was followed by Monday with a double bleeder – yep both sides going at once. Lasting for about 45 minutes. It’s so frustrating having so many bleeds but it isn’t the end of the world and it is worth it. Today I have already had two nose bleeds. They can come t any time. They seem to happen the most in the morning (probably because it is close to the clexane needle from the night before). The most frustrating thing is that the nose bleeds happen at any given time and they can make me so late to meetings and appointments.

Thankfully the ulcerative colitis is still under control and I can use the monitoring dose of Salofolk instead of the daily dose. So happy to have this disease under control again. Apparently the flares can cause fatal complications in pregnancy.

This week and last week we have been doing some painting in our main living area in preparation for this baby. We want to try make the place feel nice and warm – just like the baby’s room now feels. It’s amazing what a bit of white paint and a trim can do. I’ve been painting the trims so that I can stand still and be near airflows from the windows for ventilation. Scott and I are extremely exhausted and there’s still so much to go!

The sciatica is ridiculously painful and I am still limping. I see older citizens with their walkers and I am slightly jealous of their walkers. Next week I get to see my Osteo again – it can’t come soon enough! My leg, back and butt are in excruciating pain! But like I have said, it is a great reminder of the blessing growing inside me. A few weeks or months of this pain is nothing compared to the pain of grief. I can endure all of this pain for this little boy!


This man is amazing! He takes such great care of us!

On the weekend my parents came over to help us in the gardens to prepare for snake season which is almost upon us already. Our yard is massive, and with me being out of action it is just too much for Scott to tackle on his own – especially with his shoulder (it keeps dislocating) and his knees (which keep giving way). It was so great to see my parents and they helped us so much with the yard. There is still tons to go but they made a massive start. I tried my best to do what I could – but that was mostly staying in one spot or hobbling inside to get some water. Such a beautiful and sunny day though and a great day to be outside. Our dogs enjoyed a bit of play time in the big yard. It’s great having the two yards – each time we take our dogs out into the big yard it is like taking them to a dog park for a run minus all of the unpredictable dogs that attend those types of places.

So tomorrow we will officially have 9 weeks to go. We will be in the single digit countdown of weeks. I can’t believe it! And to think that he could arrive any time is excitingly scary. Packing the hospital bag for the three of us has been on my list of things to do for a while – might have to get that done this weekend. Our list of things to do is growing by the minute! There isn’t time for anything!

Thank you again so much for all of your prayers, thoughts and support. We will never be able to put into words just how amazing everyone has been. And how much it means to us. It means the world that so many people love and care about our boy before he is even born. He is one very lucky kid – I hope that one day he reads all of these blog posts and sees the comments that people have made and know just how loved he is. Thank you! You’re all so special to us. Each and every comment and prayer and thought. Everything! To walk this journey and have the support behind us and all around us helps us stay positive and feel like we are on the home stretch. It’s like running a race – the support helps you push on even when you’re not sure how it will all turn out. So thank you!

(We have been meaning to update our blog for so many weeks now – but the time is flying by! We have so many things on for almost every bit of free time that we have right up until the birth due date – things like birth classes, appointments etc. It’s a very busy time but a very exciting time!)


24 to 26 weeks

Can’t believe we have made it to 24 weeks! I still find it hard to say the words that “I’m pregnant.” Still feels like a dream and one day I will wake up. It’s so amazing seeing the bump moving around on my belly and to feel his little arms and legs, or even head or bum – I have no idea what I am feeling just yet but I know he enjoys moving around.


A very tired Jen, but two very happy people here 🙂


My two soul mates. Zazu loves her cuddle time.

This has been so true this entire pregnancy. All of the fears and worries are given to God daily, and He helps us through the day without too much worry.

Scott has started painting the little fella’s room and it’s almost finished. I’m pretty excited to get that room set up and ready to go, because we all know that babies are unpredictable and can come at any time. Now that our little man has reached a gestational age that can be medically saved if he comes early, then we plan on being ready early just in case.


The room ready for painting.

Scott painting the roof.

Scott painting the roof – lots of night work to do this.

So I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and share much more over the last few weeks – as you can see from how little I managed at 24 weeks!

We have reached 26 weeks. This was the milestone I had been dreaming of. And now that we are here do I feel any different? Hmmmm….. well apart from having an alien moving around in my tummy, nope, still feel much the same. This is still so surreal that I find it so hard to believe that we are actually pregnant and that this baby is growing well.

We did have a little scare, not that the doctors seemed concerned but I must admit, behind my trying to stay calm exterior, I was very concerned. We were measuring one week ahead at 21 weeks (measuring at 22 weeks) but when we saw our GP at 24 weeks we were measuring spot on 24 weeks and at the obstetrician when we saw him at 26 weeks we were also measuring spot on 26 weeks. The concern to me was that in reality, that meant that our little guy hadn’t grown enough if he was a week ahead and then suddenly not a week ahead. That implies some reductions in growth.

So we booked in for an ultrasound to check that everything is okay – and if it wasn’t then what can we do about it. We went to our favourite sonographer again – of course. We wouldn’t go anywhere else, and why would we? She is amazing. She is so thorough and genuinely cares. Her job isn’t just a job to her – you can tell by the way that she treats everyone. And the additional travel is worth it because we know that if there was going to be any sort of complication – she would be able to pick it up early as we know she has done for many others.

Scott asked our obstetrician for an ultrasound form because I was too scared to ask. I was very relieved when he gave us one, also because I had already booked in for the ultrasound anyway.

So on that note – ultrasounds are so important in diagnosing many things in pregnancy, so I don’t understand why there aren’t more given to women. For example, there is a condition called Vasa Praevia. I don’t completely understand what it is exactly, but I do know that it is diagnosed through an ultrasound where they use a colour Doppler to look at the umbilical vessels and the birth canal. This condition, if not diagnosed, has a 95% fatality rate for babies who are, otherwise, perfectly healthy. If diagnosed, then through management and early delivery, survival rate is 100%. That’s one hundred percent survival rate if diagnosed! Can you believe that? Now there is something that pretty much kills unborn babies that can completely be prevented through a simple ultrasound. This is just one example of why I personally believe pregnant women should be allowed to have many ultrasounds to check the progress of the baby’s development and to check on potentially fatal conditions that can be prevented. And did you know, that this Vasa Praevia is sort of rare, but is thought to affect 1 in 2,500 pregnancies, and 1 in 300 IVF pregnancies…. Hmmmm… that’s not all that rare in my opinion – everyone should be screened for this. And people worry about having a 1 in 10,000 chance of downs syndrome which, in many cases, the person can still lead a normal life.

So anyway, back to our ultrasound. Yes, I was screened for this condition – but then our sonographer screens people for almost anything. See why we love her? An amazing person, if everyone did their job the way that she does, I personally believe there would be greater survival and early detection for babies. I don’t have this condition which is such a relief to know.

Everything came back great from our ultrasound and our baby Ivy is measuring one week and one day ahead. Phew! After worrying that his development had slowed down, our fears were released. He seems perfectly healthy and he looked so very cute! He definitely has Scott’s nose! Such a cute little button of a nose.

Look at that cute little ear!

A close up of his cute little ear and strong muscles!

Look at that nose! And those gorgeous lips!

It’s amazing the detail that can be seen here!

It’s so hard to believe that those cute images that we were seeing is of a real human being growing in MY belly. Yep, MY belly…. That my body which has disappointed us time and time again is finally doing what it is meant to and growing a baby! My heart sees this little boy on the screen and my eyes well with happy tears, yet my head is still trying to protect me from being left shattered for all of those what if questions. The uncertainty of the next 14 weeks.

For people who have never experienced loss, or who may have but then have experienced success, and especially to those who have never experienced having only repeated loss, well then the above may seem totally irrational. And I know in some ways it is. But our minds base our expectations on the past experiences. A bit like dog training. You do what is asked for and you get a reward. Well in our case you fall pregnant, you have joy and then you have deep sorrow in loss. So your mind just keeps preparing you for the worst. But your heart is totally in love and so over the moon filled with joy, excitement, anticipation and all those lovely things. This all seems to be a common feeling that I am describing and thankfully I know that I am not alone. Literally, thank God for social media. I know that these totally contradictory feelings are so normal to people in similar positions to us.

So seeing our baby on the screen was pretty cool and so surreal. I am excited for what the next 14 weeks may bring. And that so soon we will be holding him and introducing him to our dogs, making our family all that much more exciting.

It’s so nice to be off most medications now. Even the timing of it all. To be living to such a strict medication schedule just takes over your life. It’s nice to have some freedom now. My body is still recovering from the medications though. I will be so happy when all of the aftermath goes away and I can just enjoy being in my own skin.

One of the bruises on my legs.

And this whole baby bump thing really amuses me. Thankfully I haven’t taken anything to heart. We’ve worked too long and fought too hard for me to really care what people think of the bump. Some say it is huge, others say it is tiny (all on the same day). I just giggle. I love that there is something there to even talk about. Some pregnant friends though have been really hurt by the comments that they have been getting from others. I know in my last post I talked about bumps and how if people don’t have anything nice to say then they shouldn’t speak. Well, we all know this yet so many people in everyday life say some pretty hurtful things unintentionally. And when a pregnant woman is already feeling emotional some of these comments can really upset them. I’m so blessed to have an almost pre-mothers group with our little due in November group. We are all there to support each other. Every bump is really so very special. Each one is stunningly beautiful! And every one of those bumps is growing a little human inside (some are growing two). Big or small, each one is unique and totally incredible. If you see a pregnant woman, rather than commenting on her bump, try telling her that she is beautiful and that she is going to be an amazing mother. You might just make the day of a lady who is struggling to hold it together after a comment from another may have just ripped her apart.

The other day I discovered that I really didn’t enjoy olives. First time in my life! I was potty trained on olives. Yep, you read that right. I was rewarded for using the loo and not the nappy as a very young toddler with an olive. That was my reward. I’ve always loved some foods. But not this week, olives were out. But strawberries and cherries have been in. And as soon as we have got some they have been fed to the little human in my belly devouring the food.

As I have come off of the steroids, my appetite has changed a bit, slowed down. I’m not as hungry every moment of the day. I also find that smaller snack more often have been working. I guess my tummy is being squished. I know for sure that my bladder is being squished!

The nose bleeds have been back with a vengeance. Usually at least one each day, often more. Makes life very unpredictable – that’s the way with children anyway! And who said that in the second trimester your energy returns? Well, they lied. I’m exhausted as ever! I get home in the afternoon and camp out on the couch. Scott makes us our meals because I can’t even string together the recipes of and food dishes! Not in a way that would taste good anyway! So this extra burst of energy was either a dangling carrot that wasn’t real of women have been lied to since the beginning of time. Sleeping in is such a rare prize that I look forward to!

Scott has finished painting the room for the boy, and we put down carpet. I’ve been so blessed with being gifted lots of clothing from my sisters that they had saved for us from their children. I spent a lot of time sorting it all out and coding it all – I like everything super organised but it rarely is so I took this opportunity to start out organised! We think we have almost everything to start off with and we will just see how it all goes rather than buying stuff we may not even need or use.

I just remembered that this was Scott cutting the carpet, the same area, a few times over. He did so well especially because he had never done this before. And there’s me waving in the background. 🙂

So we also put the cot and the drawers into the room and now we have been scouring second hand places for storage for the room as there is no built in of any kind. It’s getting a little bit exciting. The dogs like the carpet in the room.

Zazu gave the carpet the tick of approval.

We have also started preparing our dogs for their new human variety sibling. We have a program that is found in a book called Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant. Basically it is designed to help dogs ease into the transition of having an unpredictable, loud little human in their family. It has been so successful for so many others that we have given it to, and now it is our turn to use it with our family. So far the dogs are coping well with the sounds. We are gradually increasing the volume of the baby sounds and the dogs are gradually adjusting with it.

Jasper is looking at the book here.

I had a mole burned or frozen (not sure which one it would technically be) off of my lower back a few weeks ago. It’s been interesting with the pain from that, and then having the jabs from the clexane on my legs. There have been days where once I am in a spot, I am pretty much stuck there in that position until Scott helps me up. The bruises cause so much pain sometimes. Not all the time, but it is typical that when there is a pain on my back that both legs would get a bad needle and made moving that difficult. I have to giggle at these things that I never pictured for pregnancy. And talk about being stuck. We are really needing to buy a couch. But we have been putting it off as long as we can. The ones we have I literally can’t get out of. Between my rounded front and the three pains, I am stuck. Friends of ours very kindly loaned us a maternity chair to use. I sit here as I type this. What an incredible thing it is to get out of a chair without any assistance! (I see a glimpse into my future – oh dear!)

So we have made the 26 week mark – one that I had said I didn’t want to tell anyone I was pregnant until I had reached this far (this was last pregnancy). I do have to giggle at that thought because there is literally no way that this belly would have been hidden for that long. Maybe last pregnancy (if Hope had survived) I would have carried differently, that I will never know. But what I do know is that there would have been no way of delaying the news with this one even if we hadn’t decided to tell everyone from 4 weeks. I still can’t believe that little blob of an embryo on the screen that was transferred is our gorgeous baby growing in my belly. Such an incredible miracle. Each day is such a miracle. I am forever amazed and thankful for this journey.

This is so true!

I feel like many people need to hear this – don’t give up… ever!

We have met so many incredibly strong people on this journey. Something I would never have even thought about before all of this would have been things like egg donation. Since entering this journey and walking the long road, I wish topics like this were talked about more. There are so many ways that others can help those who are also struggling. The struggles are real and they reasons for the struggles vary. For some it is female issues, for others males, for some carrying and so on. One way that others could help would be to really consider egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation (especially those who have gone through IVF and don’t have any use of their remaining embryos if they were lucky enough to get some to the storage freezer) and even surrogacy. None of these options are easy (especially legally), but neither is going through so many unsuccessful rounds of IVF or enduring loss after loss after loss. I hope that one day we will be able to help others in one way, shape or form. And maybe someone out there may read this and think about helping in some way. Maybe not, but maybe it will at least open the conversation.

Up next for me will be the glucose test when I am 27 weeks and another scan around the 30 week mark. It all still feels so far away to November but also feels so close. Bring on November!

Thank you again so much for your prayers. I know God hears each and every one of them! We pray together every night and I also feel this has strengthened us as a family. In every situation, there is always good that comes out of it!

24 weeks!

25 weeks!


26 weeks!

I will try upload a video of our boy moving around in my belly. He loves to move and I love for him to move – it is a reminder of how precious life is.

Thank you all once again so much for your prayers – we really can’t thank you enough! There just aren’t enough words to show how thankful we are!